Can I Give my Baby up for Adoption Without the Fathers Permission?

Many times we receive calls from expectant mothers asking if they can give their child up for adoption without the signature or permission of the father of the child. The short answer is , that in most cases the paternal rights of the father can be termintaed without their express signature. After all, it is sometimes difficult to even locate a father much less force them to physically sign the form to allow for placement .

Every state has their own laws regarding termination of father’s rights. Laws can vary greatly also based on whether the father is the husband of the expectanyt mother . Sometimes factors such as whether the father assisted in supporting the mother during the pregnancy can come into play.

In the majority of cases, the father has no desire to raise the child on his own , but wants to force the expectant mother to raise the child. The best thing that you can do , if you are pregnant , and want to find out if you can give your baby up for adoption in the state of Arizona , and believe that the father may be a potential problem , is to contact us and we will set up a free attorney consultation for you with an Arizona state licensed adoption attorney . There is no cost or obligation to you. Call 800-488-3238.